Bitna's drawing of me

Me, drawn from memory by illustrator Bitna Na

Ashley Kang is my name.

I’m a recent graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where I had the wiggle room to find my lens of navigating life while working part-time as an elementary classroom assistant and volunteering as a public art docent. It was a far-from-perfect road to exploring artistic approaches to ideas of memory, space, and participation but a perfect time to ponder over tough questions, value unconventional perspectives, and realize there’s a ton to be done before I get into RCA for grad school.

Basically, I’m a hoarder of PDFs and obscurities, working toward a practice of documentary media and creative computing to enrich everyday life. I hope to meet you along the way!

Toolbox: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES5-6, jQuery, Node.js, React), PHP, databases (MySQL, MongoDB), proficient git on Bash CLI & with GitHub, basic Processing & Arduino, basic Python, web mapping (Carto, Mapbox, Leaflet JS), research (historical, archival, ethnographic/socio-spatial, collaborative), photography (color film, digital), Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro), Sketch, ProtoPie

Lately: looking for paid internships and entry-level roles in web development/digital product design/R&D/etc., collaborating with Color <Coded> Collective, open sourcing my data structures/algorithms/p5.js learning at CodeLab OC, researching for my Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors project, sharing contemporary art via Rothko Toast

Elsewhere: missashleykang(at)gmail(dot)com, TwitterLinkedInGitHub


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