(Re)Mediating Manifestos

It started with a Facebook message to an old classmate from New Media Research Studio and ended up in the annual, week-long Gallatin Arts Festival in 2016

(Re)Mediating Manifestos is a series of Risograph-printed posters as well as a dynamic digital environment that explores expression, subjectivity, and labor through close readings of manifestos by cultural agents across disciplines. A collaboration with Shira Feldman, this project seeks to recognize the significance of the manifesto as a trace of a history and a space for expression in self/collectively-selected and self/collectively-defined terms.


13835473_10154472554699558_329587797_o.jpg static1.squarespace.png

On a mounted iPad, viewers are welcomed to interact with a curated archive of excerpts from and notes on manifestos, which were selected because of their powerful relevance to our contemporary society. The project culminates in a manifesto for the digital citizen, subjects whose lives are necessarily mediated by technologies in any capacity.

Special thanks to David Furfero’s jQuery Touch Punch hack, Allison Conner’s help with the Risograph GR 3770 housed at the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles, and professors Carlin Wing and Joshua Clayton for giving me guts.


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